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Derek Randles

Derek Randles has been involved in Bigfoot research for 29 years.  His first encounter with Bigfoot was in 1985 in the Olympic National Park in Washington State.  Since then, Derek has worked with many researchers, scientists and wild life biologists along the way.  In 1997 Derek was invited to join the North American Ape project with Jeff Meldrum and Ron Brown.  In September of 2000 he was invited to join the BFRO and attend their first Bigfoot expedition in Skookum Meadows near Mt. Saint Helens.  During that expedition, Derek was one of the three people who found and cast the Skookum impression.  Derek owns and operates a wilderness guide service in Washington state.

Derek Randles

Rich Germeau is involved in law enforcement.  He's an avid outdoorsman, hunter and tracker.  Rich had his first encounter with Bigfoot while on patrol near Forks Washington in 2000.  A Sasquatch crossed the road in front of his squad car.  Rich and Derek met in the winter of 2008.  He told Derek about his idea of camera trapping a large area in the Olympic Mountain Range.  The Olympic project was born.

Rich Germeau

Brian Rasmussen is an avid outdoorsman with an extensive background in hunting and tracking.  Navigation and wilderness survival are his specialties.  Brian is a iron worker and Utah native. 

Brian Rasmussen


Wildlife Biologist John Bindernagel has been actively doing Sasquatch field research since 1975.  He's authored two books on the subject and is a wealth of knowledge with all things Bigfoot.  John specializes in potential habitat and food sources.

John Andrews is a avid outdoors-man with many years of Sasquatch research under his belt.  John has a masters degree in Geography, and has been in research since 1958.  He currently lives in Washington State.

Dennis and Shannon Pfohl make their home in Colorado.  They specialize in habituation surveillance and DNA gathering, as well as many other forms of field research.  Dennises highly successful methods of evidence gathering and expertise is second to none.

John Mionczynski resides in Wyoming.  He's an extreamly active field Biologist studying Sheep, Bear and Sasquatch habitat, focusing on livability and pobable food sources.  Currently he also works with Jeff Meldrum and the North American Ape Project.

Jim Boudesquie is a long time Sasquatch researcher and avid outdoorsmen.  He holds a Bachelors degree in science and is a U.S. Army Infantry veteran.  Jim specializes in camera set up and surveillance.  He makes his home in the Pacific Northwest.

David Ellis resides in Washington State and is currently a lighting manufacture repersenative in Seattle.  Long time researcher, Dave specializes in Track casting, field audio recording and camera set up.

David Ellis

Paul Graves was born and raised in Washington State.  He owns and operates a concrete construction business and is also a professional musician.  Paul specializes in Sasquatch behavior, communication, game camera set up and field audio recording.  Along the way he's worked with many scientists, biologists and long term witnesses.  Paul also writes some great Sasquatch songs!

Paul Graves

Wally Hersom is the main benefactor for the Olympic Project.  Through Wallys generosity, all the equipment has been provided to make the Olympic project is possible.  Wally has helped bring Bigfoot research to a new level.  He's put a lot of cutting edge equipment in many researcher's hands.  Thanks to Wally, this mystery may soon be over.

Wally Hersom

Pretoria Randles is an avid outdoor enthusiast with a Strong equestrian background.  She specializes in field logistics and remote packing.  Pretoria lives in Washington State.

Pretoria Randles