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The Olympic Project would like to announce Our last expedition of 2014.  The expedition / retreat will be held from our research base camp, situated in the beautiful Olympic Mountains.  Trip dates are..September 19th through the 21st.  Our guest speakers include Ron Moreheard, (Sierra Sounds), Todd Neiss and Paul Graves.  These trips are designed to help educate and instruct researchers and enthusiasts on how to be more effective, and better prepared to conduct research here in the Pacific Northwest.  Along with presentations from our guest speakers, there will also be (6) classes including, track casting, infield audio recording, wilderness survival, backpack preparedness, DNA evidence gathering and protocol and proper evidence documentation.  Camping will be on site, and the hiking and scenery is second to none.  Come join us, and we will give you the tools to be more effective, and more prepared to conduct thorough, more complete investigations and field research.  Please e mail  ridgewalkers@ymail.com for more information and registration.

We are in the process of planning more 2014 expeditions