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Little Foot


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“Little Foot” is a bare foot impression I found at a popular Resevoir high in the Cascade mountains of Washington State. This particular area has had numerous Bigfoot or Sasquatch related sightings. I discovered this particular impression quite by accident casting other small human like impressions. Yes this cast could have human origins. The dimensions and context however may suggest another possibility.

“Little Foot” was found with another set of impressions at the waterline of a Reservoir in Eastern Washington High in the Cascade mountains. I go there every October specifically looking for foot impressions. I will say that the majority of them are well within human range. That being said We find them every year after the lake level has dropped from its Summer height. On this day, I was with Scott Taylor and my wife Terri. After about 30 minutes of searching Terri hailed me on the radio. She and Scott found a cluster of small impressions. They were only 5-1/2″. Very childlike, human in appearance. I was not all that excited about them. They were found early in the day, so in my mind I had a lot more looking around to do. I marked the cluster and told my wife, Terri, I would cast them before we left for home. We walked away to look for more impressions. About five minutes later I noticed a man, women, and a dog walking the shoreline. They were walking right over the markers. Yikes, I thought, there goes those impressions. Fast forward, I did in fact find some larger impressions, so with a good days work behind us we headed back to the car.

Approaching the car I realized that I had promised Terri I would cast the smaller human like footprints for her. Now in somewhat of a hurry because our focus was on leaving. We had a long drive to get back home. Scott Taylor and I dropped most of our gear and took only the necessary casting material for the small job. When we got to the location I walked around surveying the damage from the people and their dog. Sure enough the dog had stepped on one of the impressions. Ah, what the heck, I thought. Told Terri I would cast them. I was there and could be done in thirty minutes. So I did not document LIKE I ALWAYS DO!!!! Was in a hurry, they looked human anyway, and I wanted to get going home. I was finishing up the pour and had a couple of spatulas of mixed hydro cal leftover. I was looking for a place to dispatch of it when I saw “LITTLE FOOT” about four inches from my knee. I was stunned. The last of the hydro cal was hardening so I quickly slathered the remainder into the imprint. I barely had enough. I pushed the hydro cal into the toe area that was partially obscured from view.

Scott Taylor and I marveled at the fact we nearly missed the big discovery. I am so disappointed in the documentation of the event. I did not photograph the scene, I did not measure and photograph, like I usually do. So this part of the story is really embarrassing. I sat on this for two years because my lack of documentation. Scott and I did look for more impressions but between our foot prints, the other folks with their dog, the area was pretty much trampled. So we only found the single impression. The fact could be that the 5-1/2″ impression was holding “Little Foot.” The orientation of the 5-1/2″ feet and the location of little foot suggests, to me, a wriggly subject that could have put one foot on the ground before being lifted back up. I believe little foot was being carried. An impression this small, walking, is almost beyond my scope of reasoning.

Very few know all of the details. Oh one last important point. The individual with 5-1/2″ impressions has a right foot with FOUR TOES and a left foot with FIVE TOES. Yes I am absolutely certain. I was fortunate enough to capture the top of the toes and can verify that the subject has a right foot with only four digits. Interestingly “LITTLE FOOT” has only four toes imprinting. It is possible that one of the toes did not imprint?, It does make one wonder……

So here are the facts regarding the “Little Foot” impression:

  1. It is Comparable in length to a 9 – 11 pound newborn human baby
  2. Impression depth suggests the individual was of significant weight
  3. The heel impression suggests a very large bone structure, out of the norm for newborn human
  4. The foot stepped on a stick and did not react by immediately retracting foot
  5. Evidence of a mid-foot flex
  6. Dermal glyphs from heel to toes indicating a real biological subject
  7. Although the toes are less than clear, it appears that only four toes imprinted leaving a guess
    that the second toe did not imprint. Other possibility is the subject only has four toes
  8. Slightly divergent big toe, although it is not out of the realm of human characteristics
  9. The width of the foot is very wide, given the length of the foot


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