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A Message From The Olympic Project

Dear Olympic Project Friends,


We generally do not pay much attention to what others say online but due to the nature of social media and the internet in general, we wanted to reach out to Olympic Project friends, fans and supporters.


Recently, it has come to our attention that the Olympic Project has been implicated in attempting a hoax of another researcher’s location. We would like to reassure you that there is no truth to such claims. We question the credibility of the person(s) making such fictitious and malicious statements and also question their motivations other than to slander the Olympic Project.


For the record: The Olympic Project bases our research on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State (hence the name Olympic Project). We have been focusing our research in this area for a number of reasons. According to statements made, this disclosed location is in another state entirely which is nowhere near our area of interest.


We hold our research affiliations dear to us and even though we may disagree with other theories, we believe that they have valid points to promote that may seem contrary to our own. We still maintain respect to other research groups and/or individuals and we would hope for that same respect.


The Olympic Project was founded on a basis to find the truth. Our time and efforts are to prove or disprove that Sasquatch exist and may inhabit our area in Washington State. What other researchers and/or organizations do is not the concern of our organization.  Having been hoaxed ourselves; we do not see such activities to have any benefit other than to slow legitimate research and to entertain the ones responsible for such callow actions.


If you ever have any questions that pertain to the Olympic Project and what we do, please check our website at and contact us anytime.

We appreciate your support and thank you for your time.


The Olympic Project

Johnny Manson

Johnny Manson

Classically trained musician, turntablist, Radio DJ, Club DJ, Production Director, creator/coordinator of the Sasquatch Summit in Washington State living deep in the forest of Grays Harbor.

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