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Olympic Project Sasquatch Research – Les Stroud Audio

Survivorman & Survivorman/Bigfoot star Les Stroud shared some “unknown” audio he recorded and sent to OP audio specialist David Ellis for analysis.

According to David:
I use “suspicious” when referencing a vocalization. I go through the process of disproving known animal vocalizations using the Macaulay Library of sound. I look at the spectrograms trying to find a visual match. When I can’t find a match the recorded vocal becomes suspicious until I can prove otherwise

In science we are following the terms of the null hypothesis. We assume every sound has a known origin. When you eliminate each known your case for unknown gets stronger.

Johnny Manson

Johnny Manson

Classically trained musician, turntablist, Radio DJ, Club DJ, Production Director, creator/coordinator of the Sasquatch Summit in Washington State living deep in the forest of Grays Harbor.

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