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“Wild Monkey” Screams

This audio was recorded by Olympic Project member and veteran researcher John Andrews and sent to Olympic Project audio analyst David Ellis. This audio is repeated 5 times.

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Whoopie/Whookie Returns

Disclaimer: We do not know what these sounds are. We are not claiming that they are Sasquatch but we do find them interesting considering the circumstances and conditions surrounding the situation. The Witnesses involved have been having consistent interactions in their remote location. The OP has been recording and tracking a voice at a remote location. We reviewed numerous vocalizations recorded. One of them, in particular, we noticed the voice had some peculiarities comparing to…

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Friday Night Drumming

Here are the sounds of interest from a recent Friday night private outting…. The rain was overpowering but the drumming and the double wood knock are consistent with passed recordings. The Whoop is visually consistent with other whoops recorded.

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Guttural Scream

The luxury of recording at a study site is the possibility of repeated vocalizations. This particular vocal I have heard before at another location. What is being shouted I cannot discern but it has the same haunting quality. Sometimes we scratch our heads and wonder is this human or is this something else. It falls into a suspicious category and will be a vocal I hope to record again.  

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What is better than recording a Whoop?

What is better than recording a Whoop?  ….  Recording a Whoop and a Wood Knock. Recently I was given some new audio to review and came across what sounded like a deep whoop. Critical thinking has you asking yourself is it an owl ? Is it a Dog? One can never be too careful with claims of what has been recorded. That being said if you record a suspicious vocalization with Whoop like tendencies and…

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One of the predominant sounds recorded at our current study site is DRUMMING. What or who is doing the drumming has our curiosity. Interestingly drumming seems to be something that has been recorded in other research areas. One of the most surprising developments at our current location is, at times, dynamic sense of rhythm has been captured. Several of these recordings seem to have this quality. Have a listen and see if you agree. Olympic…

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