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A Way-Too-Detailed Analysis of Projectile Throwing in Chimpanzees (And Resulting Effects in Brain Matter and Behavior)

As we've previously stated on this blog, if you want to do science, you need to get familiar with how scientists talk (and write) so that you will be better equipped to 1) discern what is research, and what is BS and 2) effectively communicate your ideas in findings in…

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Survivorman Bigfoot Episode 9 The Hidden World

Les plants himself in Bigfoot hot spots across North America, collecting stories and experiences from Bigfoot believers, gathering and examining evidence to debunk the mysteries that surround this ancient legend. Les has had his own eerie experiences in the wild, things he can’t quite explain, but he isn’t a Bigfoot…

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Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: A Reintroduction to Scientific Fundamentals

With the fresh resurrection of this blog, we at the Olympic Project would like to ring in the New Year with some something very old, but very important: a series of essays reiterating the fundamental building blocks of biology, zoology, and the scientific and academic process in general, all reduced…

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From MonsterQuest Producer Doug Hajicek: WANTED – SUSPECTED FINGER GREASE (Interview Coming Soon!)

Please see the below message from Legend Meets Science and MonsterQuest producer Doug Hajicek. There have been many suspected cases of Sasquatch fingerprints left behind on glass and other surfaces. Our own Shelly Covington-Montana will be recording an interview detailing how to collect samples of such residue for potential DNA…

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Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone, as you may have noticed, we're back after a...fairly long hiatus. "We" being us web monkeys who do online PR. The OP has never gone anywhere and has been quite busy the last few years. This year has been a rough one, and as a result both research…

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