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Angela Ashton









Education &Background:

Wildlife Biology Degree, with courses in Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology, Wildlife Biology/Zoology, and Integrative Animal Biology –

Human Track, Forensic Science &Psychology :

Started in the field of Cryptozoology research in 1994, and added ufology shortly after due to the significant number of reports that contained reports of unknown creatures with unidentified objects or balls of light.

Versed in Research Equipment :

Among all of the standard research equipment I also have the FLIR T640, commercial droneswith Lidar Technology, Electromagnetic field detectors,Hybrid IR/FLIR Surveillance Cameras, and a home lab for basic DNA collection.

Fieldwork :

27 years of research covering Mississippi, TN, and Arkansas – in the Ozarks, and now covering the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia.

Expeditions :

I started Southern Sasquatch Expeditions in 2015 – where I host Bigfoot Weekend Camping Adventures.

International investigations :

I’ve been working with Australia researchers for many years in analyzing photos and video captured.

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