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Rebekah Anne Slick








Rebekah Slick
Field Researcher

Rebekah grew up on a farm in rural western Pennsylvania. Wanting to be a naturalist, she spent most of her childhood looking for animals in the surrounding forest and fields and walking creeks examining tracks while collecting items to view under her microscope and add to terrariums. While these excursions were at times the result of skipping school, the experiences of getting to pet a fledgling screech owl and observing rare migrating birds were worth the consequences.

After moving to Washington in 2017, she partnered with Chris Spencer’s long-term study area in the Toutle River Valley below Mt. St. Helens and has participated in various private expeditions across the state.

In addition to trail camera work at the nest sight, she has been using her love of photography and film to document the ongoing study of the Nest Site location by the Olympic Project.
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