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Todd Hale








Todd Hale

Field Research

Todd Hale grew up hiking, camping, and fishing in the deserts and mountains of California. He has had an interested in the Sasquatch phenomena for as long as he can remember. A sighting in 1986 changed his view of the outdoors forever. In 2008 he started actively researching in the field with hopes of a daytime encounter as well as to collect potential evidence. In 2012 Todd was invited to participate in the Bill Munns Bluff Creek expedition. That same year Todd was present when Bart Cutino filmed multiple Sasquatch with a thermal imager in the Sierras (known as the Sierra Footage).

After relocating to Washington State in 2015 Todd came in contact with Derek Randles and the Olympic Project. In 2017 Todd participated in an Olympic Project expedition and became a member shortly after. Since becoming a member Todd has dedicated much his time to researching the nest sites, collecting audio, hair, tracks, and handprints. His dedication and reliability has made him a valuable asset to all on going investigations in and outside the Olympic Peninsula.

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