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Monster X Radio with Shelly Covington-Montana

Join us for Monster X Radio as we talk Bigfoot with Shelly Covington-Montana of Cryptologic Radio. Shelly describes herself as "just a simple girl from Texas". She loves the wilderness and is always seeking to learn about wildlife and the great mysteries that exist. Shelly has traveled extensively around the U.S. meeting interesting people and learning about different ecosystems.

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Bigfoot Researcher: Cindy Dosen

Join us this Wednesday evening as we speak with Cindy Dosen of the BFRO. Cindy is a very active and knowledgeable researcher based out of Vancouver Island who has led many expeditions and spends a lot of time in the field. A lifetime outdoors person and hunter Cindy had a frightening encounter that turned her from a skeptic to a believer. We'll be taking calls so if you have questions or comments please feel free…

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