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Guest speakers at Olympic Project public expeditions range from every corner of the world and every corner of Sasquatch research.

From bigfoot legends like Bob Gimlin, Ron Morehead and John Bindernagel to the latest names in cutting edge techniques and technology like Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Paul Graves, every guest speaker that attends an Olympic Project expedition will offer a wealth of knowledge.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Expedition Speakers

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Bob Gimlin

When Olympic Project expeditions have guest speakers, they typically offer a presentation of their work and take guests on an in-depth journey into their research.

They spend the entire retreat at our headquarters and camp along with the group and are usually open and available for one-on-one talks, group discussions, camp fire chats and very personable experiences that will be like nothing you have ever experienced.

Being out in the woods, in the bigfoot capital of the world, with the biggest names in research.

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