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These are pictures that we believe are Bigfoot body parts. We’re not claiming anything other than that. Make your own opinion and feel free to contact us with any comments. Again, we think these are possible Sasquatch and we are simply sharing our research and our opinions..

This photo is interesting because the vertical hairline is not consistent with any other animals we’ve photographed in the last year. The hairline also extends up and out of camera frame making the subject much taller than five feet.

We believe this picture depicts the creature’s left arm below the deltoids muscle, down to the bent elbow, with the forearm at an upward angle. The forearm is closer to the camera than the upper arm, as it cast’s a shadow on the upper arm behind it.

We also believe that the creature’s left hand is on the camera, although it is not shown in the frame. We believe this because the camera has already slightly been moved downward when this frame was shot. The creature disappears out of frame. We believe that the creature is moving behind the camera to the other side.

The creature re-appears. We believe that this frame depicts part of the creature’s right pectoral muscle and the top of the right shoulder/bicep. Out of frame is the rest of the bicep and forearm, which is bent back towards the shoulder, (like a flexed bicep).

In the upper left corner of the photo you can see two of the creature’s right hand fingers and fingernail on the closer one. Notice the strange hair pattern and the two gray hairs on the shoulder. We also think that the subject has gotten down on a knee or both knees starting with this frame through frame #7.

We believe that this frame depicts the creature’s face, partially obstructed by the left arm, which is being held up across the face covering the left eye, like the creature is peaking under its left arm. You can see the creature’s right eye, nose, mouth and hair hanging off the face.

Next to the right eye you can see three of the creature’s right hand fingers, thumb, forefinger and middle finger positioned much like ours would be if you put your right hand forefinger and middle finger nail on your cheek bone below your right eye with the inside tip of your thumb on your temple. Kind of like the creature is scratching the side of its face investigating the camera, a mannerism we routinely use when in deep thought. See picture below.

The next frame depicts the same position of the creature except that the thumb has moved down so that it is up against the forefinger. See picture below.

We believe that this next frame depict the creatures mouth, possibly its upper front teeth (incisors), and bottom lip. The creature moved from its position and put its mouth directly up against the camera lens, maybe smelling or tasting it.

If our interpretation is correct the nose would be in the vincinity of the IR illuminator lights.

We believe this is also the front teeth but the creature has moved its head slightly to the left showing the teeth from a different angle.

We don’t know what the next pictures are but they are part of the sequence. They could be part of the arm and a fingertip.

Also notice, there’s a new tree in frame to the right due to the camera being moved during this series of pictures.

We think that the photos of the face were blurry and overexposed for two reasons. The first reason is because the IR flash bleaching out the subject at close range and the second because the creature was moving the camera with its left hand while the frames were being shot.

The creature moved the camera down and to the left a couple of inches between the 1st frame and the 5th frame.

We also noticed that the creatures right eye in the 4th and 5th frame does not reflect any eye shine, but neither does it with a human when recreated.

Below are a couple additional photos of animals of the same camera set for comparison so you can get an idea of the size and unique characteristics of this creature.

We understand that these photos are not definitive. We understand that they do not prove anything. We are not claiming that we have captured photos of Sasquatch. We do believe that these are photos of Sasquatch. That is our interpretation of these photos due to the fact that we cannot explain them as anything else. In our opinion these photos show specific close up detail of anatomy/traits consistent only with humans and apes i.e. fingers, human like teeth and a human like face.

We thought long and hard about putting these out to the public, but in the end we concluded that they were not doing anyone any good by keeping them to ourselves. For some they may be nothing more than blurry photos, for others they may be validation of something they have already seen. To us, they let us know that we are on the right track and are getting closer to what we are looking for. We started this project in February 2009. We captured these photos five months into it. We believe that we have had at least two additional encounters with these creatures at one of our other camera sights on the other side of the Olympic Mountains. These pictures show the behavior and same hair pattern. Each time only one frame captured part of the creature close up, standing to the right of the camera. Each time the creature moved the camera from behind prior to stepping in front of it. These photos have even less value than the ones shown above and are not depicted on the website. Frankly, we will not release anything in the future, which is less conclusive than what is depicted in the possible Sasquatch photos above.

We hope in showing these photo’s that people will look with and open mind and understand that in our research we want nothing more than to help validate the existence of these creatures in a non threatening, no invasive manner. We are not interested in publicity, notoriety and such but we do want to share what we have found so others can be as excited and intrigued as us.

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