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Track found by Beth Heikkinen, Quinalt, WA.

Track found by Derek Randles Packwood, WA
Track found by Derek Randles Quinalt WA
Track found by Robert Johnson Quinalt WA

The idea for the Olympic Project was first thought of by Richard Germeau and long time Bigfoot researcher Derek Randles.  Richard, a Washington native, has an extensive background in law enforcement and investigation.  Derek, a landscape contractor and wilderness guide in Washington State, is currently a field investigator and tracker.  Wally Hersom, the main benefactor for the Olympic Project, provides all the equipment to make this effort possible.  Long time researchers David Ellis and Paul Graves provide high quality track casting, field audio recording, witness investigation and many years of wilderness experiance.   This five year study will hopefully provide the first clear pictures of Bigfoot along with photographic documentation of many apex predators and ungulates living and moving throughout their natural habitat.  Through this web site you will be able to follow our study that began in February 2009 with monthly updated photos of all the creatures we capture on film.  We hope to further the research efforts of all Bigfoot researchers with the data we collect.  Clear, well documented photoghaphs will not prove the existence of this primate, but will open the eyes of many scientists, helping pave the way for more serious research and species verification.  Please enjoy this site and feel free to contact us with your ideas or suggestions.  See our photo gallery to view updated pictures. 



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The Olympic Project is happy to announce our second 2014 expedition featuring Dr Jeff Meldrum.  Along with Dr Meldrum, international researcher Adam Davies will be there as well.  The expedition will be held at our research property in the Olympic National Forest starting June 5th to June 8th.  Dr Meldrum will be present for entire trip, and giving a presentation.  We will be giving six classes on DNA evidence gathering, backpack preparedness, wilderness survival, track casting, evidence documentation and facing predators.  We will also be doing on and off trail hiking and tracking, in field survival shelter building and much more.  These are are extremely comprehensive trips, and you will come away with enhanced research skills, and a higher education on being prepared in the wilderness.  Our research property has water, shelter, inside wood stove and sitting area, bathrooms and a cooking station...not to mention the one and only Bigfoot Bar!  Signature required!  Please e mail me at.....  for more information and registration.  Our guides will ensure you have an amazing wilderness experience, and learn much more about Bigfoot research here in the Pacific Northwest.  Spots are very limited, so please register soon if you like to be a part of the most comprehensive expeditions available.   Derek Randles.


Olympic Project mission statement:


The Olympic Project is an association of dedicated researchers, investigators, biologists and trackers committed to documenting the existence of Sasquatch through science and education.  Through comprehensive habitat study, DNA analysis and game camera deployment, our goal is to obtain as much information and empirical evidence as we can, with hopes of being as prepared as possible when and if species verification comes to fruition.  Our studies are conducted in a non-invasive manor with respect and sensitivity to probable habitat we believe this amazing species inhabits.

Derek Randles and Brian Rasmussen
Tracks found by Derek Randles Puget Sound WA
Tracks found by Derek Randles Puget Sound WA
Track found by Derek Randles Packwood WA
Packwood Track Outline

This site is under construction.  Much more coming soon!