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Welcome to the Olympic Project

The Olympic Project is an association of dedicated researchers, investigators, biologists and trackers committed to documenting the existence of Sasquatch through science and education. Through comprehensive habitat study, DNA analysis and game camera deployment, our goal is to obtain as much information and empirical evidence as we can, with hopes of being as prepared as possible when and if species verification comes to fruition. Our studies are conducted in a non-invasive manor with respect and sensitivity to probable habitat we believe this amazing species inhabits.

Bigfoot Expeditions

Join the Olympic Project for one of our research expeditions that will give you a better understanding on how to navigate in the forest.

Field Training

Our trips include casting classes, documentation and more to better prepare you for thorough and complete investigations in field research.

Guest Speakers

Every public expedition features special guests like Bob Gimlin, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Cliff Barackman, Ron Morehead and many others.

Recent Updates

08Feb 21

Artificial Intelligence and the PGF: (Deep)Mind the Gaps

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning has become all the rage over the last decade, especially with the publication of AlexNet in 2012 combined with the rising power of parallel computing via graphics cards (GPUs). AlexNet was the seminal work spurring…

02Feb 21

Size Matters: The Square-Cube Law and Really Big Feet

Size is a trait so strongly associated with Bigfoot it has become embedded in its mythology. After all, "Big" is half of the name. But just how Big are we talking about here? Short of weighing one in a zoo,…

Olympic Project Members

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