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Olympic Project Documentation and Statistical Analysis

The Olympic Project is dedicated to a strict scientific method of documenting the existence of Sasquatch.  Significant efforts have been put forth by multiple members of the Olympic Project Team to ensure that all encounters brought to our attention are verified to the best of our abilities and documented in a standardized format.

Understanding that it takes both a witness and a creature, interacting at some basic level to have an encounter, the statisticians of the Olympic Project are working under the premise that all data brought forward is corrupted.  We are also under the belief that this “corruption” can be minimized through intensive statistical analysis.

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Solving for the null hypothesis

Staying as true to the scientific method as possible, the Olympic project is attempting to solve the null hypothesis:

“An unknown bi-pedal hominid does not exist on the Olympic Peninsula.”

Only after we have statistically significant evidence to the contrary is it possible for an alternative hypothesis to be entertained. That alternative hypothesis may show the notion of an un-known bi-pedal hominid is a possible answer. This will stand until which time we can refute the alternative hypothesis.

Join us in our quest

The members of the Olympic Project invite you to be a part of this process.  Please join us on an expedition, send us your encounter information via our sighting documentation portal, send us your recordings for analysis, and analyze the data we’ve already compiled.

Your research and insights could help lead us towards documenting the existence of Sasquatch!

I would like to take a moment to thank Matt Jones, Jason Aiken and Bobby O for their amazing contributions to this effort!  Thanks guys!  I couldn’t do this without you!

Tom Baker

25Sep 15
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