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Olympic Project Member Barbara Olvera

I currently live in Portland Oregon and attend Portland State University pursuing a BS, in Biology. I’m a single auntie raising my 7 year old great niece who I adore. I grew up on the outskirts of a small town—Molalla, OR. It gave me an appreciation for the outdoors as I spent much of my childhood playing in the woods, climbing trees, and hiking the local hills around my house.

I taught day care for 12 years after high school before transitioning into the office arena. I’ve worked for several companies in different capacities and eventually ended up running a multimillion-dollar company, with multiple stores. I held this position until I decided to move back to Oregon and return to school. Currently, I work with people who have Autism.

My interest in Bigfoot came after attending my first expedition in May 2012. When I was 8 years old I thought I saw Bigfoot on the ridge behind our house in Reedsport, OR. I must have convinced myself that I had imagined it because the incident happened right after seeing the episode of 6 million dollar man starring Bigfoot. After my first expedition that memory came back as a good possibility that it happened and I spent most of my summer in 2012, about 6 weeks, out in the woods searching….in the hopes of seeing one. This led to becoming an investigator with the BFRO in 2013 and I’ve led and helped out in many expeditions over the past 3 years. During this time I observed an inconsistency of evidence collection and standard when it came to Bigfoot research. I was elated to be asked, to become a part of the Olympic Project team as its foundation is built on sound research and documentation. It’s full of everyday scientists who are experts in their field and dedicated to finding hard evidence to support the existence of the species, Bigfoot.

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