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Olympic Project Team Member John Mionczynski

John is a wild life Biologist Hired by the US Forest Service in early 1970’s. Became involved in radio collaring Bighorn Sheep and tracking them using radio telemetry. This experience leap frogged into the study of Grizzly bears and their habitat in Yellowstone. By 1982 John had started a backwoods trail hiking and expedition company specializing in the use of pack goats.

John has developed a keen eye for observation and forage habits. He has some very interesting insight regarding diet and travel patterns that very well could be of great use to the study of possible sasquatch behavior.

John’s path to the world of bigfoot goes back to an experience working for the forest service in 1972. He had just received an assignment to track a herd of bighorn sheep. While gathering his gear he grabbed a tent and noticed a bacon grease stain on it. Since there wasn’t another tent available off he went fully aware that the grease stain could present a bear problem. One a clear moon lit night fate struck, something was pressing in on his tent wall. Sure it was a bear curious about the bacon grease stain he gave the bear a whack on what he presumed was the noseā€¦ It wasn’t a nose the object was hard, this confused John somewhat. What ever it was came back. John gave it another whack yelling go away bear, thinking that would do the trick. Only moments later it was back. This time John saw the shadow of an immense had swinging down on top of the tent. The tent collapsed. The shadow of the hand was clearly backlit by the bright moon light. John knew that he wasn’t dealing with a bear. He grabbed his hand gun and quickly got out of the tent and stoked his fire. Then something began lobbing pine cones into his camp by the fire. He could also hear the subject long wheezy breathing. Fortunately the situation never escalated beyond the lobbing of pine cones. John was left with a dilemma, bears don’t have fingers. Due to the size of the hand it couldn’t have been a person. Finally bears don’t throw pine cones. So the door was opened a crack and John being the inquisitive type has been quietly investigating bigfoot ever since.

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