Interests: Field Research/Photo Analysis

Cindy has a background in marketing research having worked for A.C. Nielsen Marketing Research. They are recognized for their television show rankings known as the Nielsen Ratings. Cindy went on to follow her passion and become a professional photographer and holds an Associate Fellow of Photography degree. Cindy has received several professional awards for her photography including the prestigious Fuji Masterpiece Award from Fuji Film. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and an associate’s degree in psychology. Her senior paper to receive her bachelors was “Native American Myths and Legends of Sasquatch”.

Cindy has had a life-long fascination with bigfoot. As a child she and her family moved to Sisters Oregon. Her father, who grew up near the location that the Paterson-Gimlin film was captured, assured her that bigfoot lived in the area.

Cindy spent many a night hidden under the covers worried that bigfoot would be creeping around their rural property and peeking in her window. In December of 1993 she and her family were searching for a Christmas tree in the Jefferson Wilderness Area and found footprints in the snow that looked to be of sasquatch origin. This only added to her fascination of the subject. Cindy went on to be an investigator and expedition leader for the BFRO and is also a member of the Tillamook Forest Research Group. Cindy is honored to be a part of the science based research group the Olympic Project.