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Help Make The Groundbreaking Scientific Bigfoot Documentary Sequel a Reality.

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science II-A New 3-hour Film-That Will Be the Best Documentary on the Sasquatch Subject Ever! 


From MonsterQuest Producer – Doug Hajicek, who also produced the original Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science Doc in 2001.


We will embark on a thrilling journey with Legend Meets Science II, the ultimate scientific search for proof of the Sasquatch Species. 


Uncover never-before-seen strategies, cutting-edge technology, and forensics that could finally reveal the truth and raise the bar concerning this legendary creature. Are you ready to have your world turned upside down? Click the link below and explore all the reward packages you will receive for your support. 


Remember – this is more than a film, but a documentary featuring many new categories of evidence. This film will give new solid forensic answers on the physical samples collected in the past using the latest 2023 technology and many advanced labs. We will also use new evidence-collection methods in the field, using all new technology and systems. We will also dive deep with science and experts into some grey areas of sasquatch research, including audio recordings – infrasound effects, film evidence, and more.


Please Support the Science – Support the Doc!



🌟 As Part Of Our Many Reward Packages – You Can Also Get The All-New Companion Book Written By Anthropologist Dr. Jeff Meldrum

As part of the Legend Meets Science 2 rewards program, we are including the ultimate companion book to the highly anticipated Documentary, “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science II” – the sequel to the critically acclaimed original “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science” book written by Dr. Jeff Meldrum that is based on the original Documentary narrated by actor – Stacy Keach and produced by Doug Hajicek. The new book will be even better and feature Immersive Book Technology – IBT with audio and video clips that will take this new LMS 2 book to new heights.


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