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Trackway Find Olympic Project

August 24th through August 27th, 2023, Kirk Brandenburg and John Ray hosted a BFRO expedition upon the Olympic Project property. Approximately 30 individuals participated in the expedition with Shane Corson, Larry Turner, and Chris Spencer of the Olympic Project present as well. To read the report, DOWNLOAD IT HERE (12MB)

Bigfoot: The Road to Discovery – Olympic Project

Join the Olympic Project for the full story of Bigfoot Nest Site, from the initial discovery to the present day research. See the story like never before, featuring never before seen footage and brand new interviews. In this new series by Eli Watson, embark on a Sasquatch journey deep in…

Survivorman Bigfoot Episode 9 The Hidden World

Les plants himself in Bigfoot hot spots across North America, collecting stories and experiences from Bigfoot believers, gathering and examining evidence to debunk the mysteries that surround this ancient legend. Les has had his own eerie experiences in the wild, things he can’t quite explain, but he isn’t a Bigfoot…

Survivorman Bigfoot – Episode 7 – Smokey Mountains

Things get weird when Les tracks Bigfoot in the smoky mountains of Tennessee. Hiking far off the beaten path, Les searches remote forested land deep in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains with Scott Carpenter, a local researcher claiming to have interactions with Bigfoot in the area. Scott’s theories…

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