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Survivorman Bigfoot – Episode 8 – Texas & Utah – Les Stroud

Les tracks Sasquatch from East Texas to rural Utah in an effort to elicit an encounter.

Les begins his search in East Texas, invited onto private land by a local who claims to have experienced Bigfoot phenomenon for over 35 years. For Les to succeed, he has to find concrete proof. He collects DNA samples, analyzes tree breaks and plants hidden cameras to lure Bigfoot into his frame. Combining low-tech with high-tech surveillance puts the odds in his favor, but Les has to keep digging if he wants to find out the truth. Locals’ stories lead him to the remote mountain terrain of rural Utah. Here, ungodly screams and tales of haunted hollows find Les camped out in a canyon way off the beaten path. Les remains firmly planted between skepticism and acceptance. Lacking irrefutable evidence, Bigfoot is a contradiction. A 10ft monster that he can’t find…

Directed By Les Stroud
Starring Les Stroud

Johnny Manson

Johnny Manson

Classically trained musician, turntablist, Radio DJ, Club DJ, Production Director, creator/coordinator of the Sasquatch Summit in Washington State living deep in the forest of Grays Harbor.

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