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The Art Of Audio Analysis With David Ellis And Monongahela!

Monster X hosts Julie Rench and Gunnar Monson welcome David Ellis and Monongahela to the show to discuss the technique of audio analysis and its importance in investigative practices. While analysing audio they not only hear it but can also “see” it thru a spectogram, which is a basic tool in audio spectral analysis and other applications. Why is it so important, what can the results tell you, and what have they discovered by using this technique to analyze audio from investigators in the field of Sasquatch research? Tune in to find out!

Monongahela is a defense industry business executive with an MS in Systems Engineering. Formerly a crypto-linguist? in the U.S. military, in 2008 he began to apply his experience and knowledge to the collection and study of Sasquatch vocals and communication patterns. He assists the BFRO and The Olympic Project with their field audio analysis.

David Ellis has been with the Olympic Project since 2010 and performs track casting analysis and replication, field audio recording analysis, witness interviews and study site assistance.

Johnny Manson

Johnny Manson

Classically trained musician, turntablist, Radio DJ, Club DJ, Production Director, creator/coordinator of the Sasquatch Summit in Washington State living deep in the forest of Grays Harbor.

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