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Undiscovered Beasts and Strange Phenomena – An Interview with Shane Corson

Please join Undiscovered Beasts and Strange Phenomena with Adam Davies Tuesday May 29 at 9 PM ET (6 PM PT) as Adam welcomes Shane Corson. Shane is a Bigfoot field researcher residing in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Mr. Corson is very well respected by his colleagues and peers, as an outstanding researcher who adheres to scientific protocol and procedure in the pursuit of answers to the Bigfoot question. Shane, as a team member of the Tillamook Forest Research Group and Olympic Project, has been a part of some of the finest field research being conducted anywhere. Shane is also a long time co-host of the very popular podcast “Monster X Radio”. Adam and Shane will be discussing a number of topics, including some very interesting aspects of ongoing field research efforts Shane is involved in, as well as Shane’s own personal encounter. UBSP is truly honored to have Mr. Corson sit down for what is surely to be a great show. Don’t miss it!

Johnny Manson

Johnny Manson

Classically trained musician, turntablist, Radio DJ, Club DJ, Production Director, creator/coordinator of the Sasquatch Summit in Washington State living deep in the forest of Grays Harbor.

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